Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans, (sometimes referred to as Part C) involve independent insurance providers contracted through Medicare to provide for your healthcare.
Medicare Advantage Plans can be tailored to include Prescription Drugs (Part D) along with additional services such as Dental, Vision, Fitness, and Specialized Wellness benefits. These are extra benefits not paid by original Medicare Part A & B.
This was created so that healthy competition can happen between insurance providers which leads to better coverage and cost for the individual consumer.

There are multiple Plans to choose from and many Carriers. The variety of Plans differ in Network, most in Houston are either HMO or PPO. Some Plans have Prescriptions Drugs (Part D) and some do not. Most vary in the Co-Pays, and Maximum Out of Pocket, most have no Deductible. Some Plans offer Part B give back or reimbursement each month.
Most Medicare Advantage Plans have zero or small monthly premiums.

Qualifying for Medicare Advantage Plans in Your Service Area

If you have a preference for a certain doctor or hospital, or require prescription drug coverage for certain medications, our experienced Medicare Advantage Insurance experts are here to help. 

We provide knowledgeable assistance by comparing different benefits, costs and restrictions to determine the type of coverage you qualify for and customize plans according to your specific needs.

With the variety of Medicare plans in the market, trying to find the right Medicare Advantage Plan on your own is time consuming and can quickly become confusing.

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Medicare Advantage is a good choice for many people.
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